Do you know how to learn from normal work to find the causes of accidents before they happen?

Learn the key concepts.

Real examples with photos and videos.

How to implement it in practice.

What’s inside?


How learning from failure limits our ability to prevent accidents

  • The issue of having fewer accidents to learn from,
  • Using incidents as an indicator of safety, and
  • Using outdated models to understand accidents.
What is normal work and a real example of how we found causes of an accident before it happened
  • How people adapt to variability in the workplace
  • Do you know what the conditions and challenges that your employees are adapting to are? Do you know how to find them?
Difference between learning from normal work and:
  • incident investigations,
  • investigating near misses,
  • risk assessment,
  • behavioral safety.
How failure and success have the same causes
  • The role of adaptations to constraints in success and failure
  • Download the list of constraints


Difference between hazards and constraints
  • Why hierarchy of controls is not sufficient to sustainably reduce the risk
  • How to “control” constraints that lead to errors and procedural non-compliance


Why people don’t follow procedures
  • The list of reasons
  • Why non-compliance sometimes makes sense


Workarounds and how to learn from them
  • The psychology behind workarounds
  • Why blaming workers for workarounds prevents learning


Tools to learn from normal work
  • Questions for leadership visits
  • Walk Through Talk Through
  • Learning Teams
  • Human Performance Task Check
  • Example from the aviation industry


Enablers of success
  • What’s different between the companies who implement it successfully and those who do not
  • Who are learning facilitators and what skills they need
  • The impact of psychological safety


Approaches to rolling out learning from normal work:
  • How to start with a pilot project?
  • How to start with senior leaders?


Case study from an international company
  • Alistair Cameron, SVP QHSE for ALTUS Intervention shares his experience on applying Learning from Normal Work


Business case and costs of learning from normal work
  • Industry guides from Oil and Gas, Aviation and Shipping
  • Estimated time and direct / indirect costs compared between accident investigations and proactive learning


Resources to get a buy-in of your key stakeholders
  • Links to industry videos and documents
  • Options for awareness sessions and workshop for the management


Needed culture shift
  • Why we need a culture shift to effectively learn from normal work
  • Key areas of where and how a shift in thinking is needed FROM –>TO

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