In contemplating the future over the next 2 to 3 years, it is crucial to maintain a mindset of constant growth and improvement, according to Simon and Adam. This blog post explores the key focus areas that will drive success in the coming years, emphasizing the importance of pushing boundaries and fostering a culture of innovation.

The NHSQE Innovation Lab

Igniting Positive Change The launch of the NHSQE innovation lab marks a significant step forward in fostering innovation within our organization. Drawing inspiration from the concept of appreciative inquiry, this initiative aims to explore new possibilities and encourage a culture of positive change. By actively seeking out innovative ideas and approaches, we are poised to make substantial advancements.

Critical Risk and Control Management

Establishing a Safety Foundation Collaborating with Forge Works on the critical risk and control management project, we are determined to gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks and control measures in our organization. This project lays the groundwork for building a robust safety foundation by identifying potential risks, assessing their impacts, and establishing effective control measures.

Learning Review-Based Assurance

Enhancing Operational Excellence In our ongoing pursuit of excellence, we are implementing a learning review-based assurance process. By incorporating the principles of the learning review, we ensure a comprehensive assessment of our operations. This approach enables us to identify areas for improvement, validate the effectiveness of our controls, and align all aspects of our operations seamlessly.

The Safety I and Safety II Approach

Maximizing Effectiveness The critical risk project serves as a fundamental component of our safety I approach. By gaining a high-quality understanding of our risks and control measures, we establish a solid foundation for safety. Building upon this foundation, we then implement a safety II approach, integrating normal work studies to capture information about our operations and continuously improve our risk models.

Strengthening the Foundations

A Holistic Approach While we embrace innovative practices, it is crucial to strengthen the foundations of safety I. By prioritizing the development of robust risk models, we establish a strong basis for our safety framework. This approach ensures that our organization operates with the highest standards of safety and continually evolves to meet new challenges.


As we look ahead to the next 2 to 3 years, our focus on continuous improvement, innovation, and strengthening the foundations will position us for future success. By leveraging the NHSQE innovation lab, advancing our critical risk and control management initiatives, implementing learning review-based assurance, and embracing a holistic approach to safety, we are poised to achieve operational excellence and drive positive change within our organization.